Liftmaster 3800 Garage Door Opener


“Of course this winter weather spurred me on to purchase a garage door opener, something I’ve done without  for the past 10 years. After looking at a number of different door openers, I settled on a LiftMaster 3800, a wall mounted, “jackshaft” unit. I must say I am really impressed by the simple installation and nearly silent operation.”

My first choice was a similar model (jackshaft drive) made by Wayne-Dalton but I couldn’t find one. In fact I went as far as setting everything up for this model - including having a electrician install outlets right above the doors. After reading a number of complaints by owners I decided I still wanted one but it would be wise to buy and have it installed by a local garage door company and looked up the dealer recommended by Wayne Dalton. The dealer didn’t have the required model in stock, but said he would get back to me with a price. Two months later - he still didn’t have a price for me. I was beginning to think he didn’t really want to sell this door opener (and of course after all the reading I did, there may be a reason). I decided to explore other options.

I had seen the LiftMaster 3800 before, but the price held me back. I did a lot of reading up on this model and people that had purchased it - and frankly I didn’t find one bad review. I also read how many had installed the unit themselves. I downloaded the owners / installation manual and read through all the instructions. Buying the unit online, I could purchase it for only a few dollars more that I expected to pay for the other brand. I receive the unit only 2 days after ordering it - and set to install it on a Saturday afternoon. Installation was straight forward and took about 4 hours total. I spent most of my time in just the adjusting - And that was caused by my own error - I erased the wireless opener settings by holding the wrong button down too long and it needed to be reprogrammed for the control.

I am very impressed with this opener, it is nearly silent in operation and doesn’t “clutter” up the ceiling. The installation can be done by a DIY’r (If you follow the instructions). After a month of use, I’ve had no problems and very happy with the purchase - and I can whole heartily recommend it.
I give it a 5 star rating.

(Original Review 2010, Still operating like new!)

UPDATE The model 3800 was replaced by the new model Elite series 8500. Functionally it is the same opener, but they have made some slight changes in the controller and it operates on a different frequency. Now with internet connectivity, you can control your door via your smart phone (additional accessories required). You can update the earlier model with new controls.

Visiting the Smith Collection


I recently visited the "Smith Collection Museum of American Speed". This is one of the finest automotive museums in the county - a real Nebraska treasure located in Lincoln.
If you like cars or racing or toys (and I like all three) you will be amazed at the depth of this collection, right here in our backyard.