03 May 2015

Chipmunk Cheeks? Styling the new Germans


What is it with automotive styling trends? I understand the technical reasons for the "Chipmunk Cheeks", but really do we need that much brake cooling on a road going sedan? Or are the Germans just following a Japanese trend? I'm not a big fan of the sculptured look, maybe my age is showing, but these designs will not age well. Audi seems to be doing a much better job, and just look how well they have done in the market, coming from way behind - now an alternative to Mercedes and BMW. Mercedes of the past didn't become dated after a few years, but going forward, I'm sure they will. Bruno Sacco needs to come out of retirement!

"Timelessness of Design". Sacco felt this was of special importance to Mercedes, whose cars' reputation for longevity meant that their typical life cycle was 20 to 30 years. (Quote from Wikipedia)

P.S. Mr. Sacco has traded his SLK for an older Black 560 SEC in his retirement - I think one of his most timeless designs (and one of my favorites). I just replaced my 560 SEC (after 12 years) with a R129 300 SL, again a Sacco creation.