Most Economical Cars in America?!


No wonder I always buy old cars! These figures from Kelly Blue Book leave out the initial purchase price and are likely just fuel economy and depreciation. But the last long term Mercedes I had only cost about $10,000 over 10 years (including repairs and upkeep) and I drove it nearly 200,000 miles (fuel was cheaper then)! The Mercedes Coupe I've used for the past 12 years has done even better (once I sell it), although I've put less miles on. I get a kick out of people that have to have a new car, buy a Toyota Prius or Honda, and think they are saving money (not to mention being "green" and saving the environment). I also laugh about the person who is jealous of my 20 year old Mercedes (you must be rich to drive that!) when the car they are driving cost 4-5x what I paid. Economical Ha!

Remarkably this information disappeared from the Kelly Blue Book site within 24 hours of being posted. You can, however, look at the cost to own for individual autos - I suppose the new car dealers were not to happy seeing this!