Mercedes AA Class - SNL

The future of the electric car. "Batteries Not Included"

Toyota and Clemson U. built a car for the next generation.


How ugly is this? I only hope my Grandson has a better choice when he is driving age! Marketing to the “millennial” generation is something else, but what comes after that?

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What should Clarkson & Co. call their new show?


What should the new automotive show on Amazon be called? REVolution? GearHeads (can't have anything with Gear in it)? TopCocks? Clarkson & Co.?

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Meet the New Top Gear crew!


Meet the new Top Gear crew! From left to right, the new presenters include Rory Reid, Sabine Schmitz, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans, Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, and The Stig (I think Sabine could make a sexy Stig, but hate to cover up that smile!).

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The Evolution of Car Design

The Evolution of Car Design over the last 100 years